Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER: The following is not a legal document. The administrators of forgetthis.site reserve the right to make final judgement on and act in response to potential abuse or misuse of the service.


Users are expected to follow forgetthis.site rules. Users should not expect announcements of any kind, including those regarding updates or site shutdown. There is no guarantee of uptime or backing up of user content. In the event that backups are provided, for example during upgrades/changes, users must expect that these backups may not succeed.


forgetthis.site uses NGINX for services including logging. The following information will be logged by forgetthis.site:
  • Timestamps
  • Source IPs
  • URLs
  • Returned HTTP Response Status
forgetthis.site uses cookies for session handling. All user data is stored solely on the forgetthis.site server as well as other instances forgetthis.site federates with. User data will not be copied to a different machine, sold, or shared with third parties in any way. (See E-Mail disclaimer). In the event that forgetthis.site moves to another server, it is possible that user data will also be moved to the new server. All user data existing on the previous server will be destroyed. There are no analytics or other tracking software running on forgetthis.site except the moderation features provided by Mastodon. If additional tracking is found, please report it to forgetthis.site administrators as soon as possible. When forgetthis.site sends email messages to users, it does so using a separate SMTP server. All E-Mails are stored unencrypted there (because it's the way E-Mails work), while the hard disk of the mail server itself is encrypted. Cloudflare is the DNS provider to forgetthis.site. As such, users should expect that Cloudflare will conduct analytics on DNS queries.
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